Stop the Presser Foot!

I had originally planned on opening an Etsy shop when my wife and I returned home from vacation.  I was thinking maybe the end of February or beginning of March would be a good time to kick start a business.  Well, then the world changed.

We found ourselves instead preparing for self-isolation (because let’s face it, we’re both in the high-risk category).  We both also realized the drastic shortage and need for face masks and began looking online for the best patterns and how-to tutorials.  We set to work making masks for friends, family, healthcare providers, neighbors and folks in the essential worker categories (i.e. postal workers, garbage collectors, delivery drivers, etc). The first pattern we used was posted by the Deaconess Health System This was very informative and easy to follow instructions with pattern.

Then, we came across a slightly different pattern using a serger that made making the masks a lot faster.  We found a tutorial on YouTube

We’ve had so many requests for masks that I don’t know if we’ll ever catch up.

We hope that the need for masks will be short lived and that our prayers will be answered that this global pandemic comes to an end.  Stay safe and healthy and know you are included in our prayers.

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