Teaching is Tradition

The time honored tradition of teaching the techniques and skill of quilting has been passed down through the ages from generation to generation.  The teaching in and of itself is valuable, but you know what’s even more valuable?  Creating special memories within your family that will produce life-long loving memories through the produced quilted treasures is truly invaluable.

Everyone that quilts has their own special story behind how and when they learned their skill.  My wife’s story for instance is kind of funny.  Apparently, her grandmother Lillie’s home was a place for the ladies to gather and quilt.  When my wife was a little girl playing over at her grandmother’s house, the rule was that anyone misbehaving would have to sit and quilt for 10 minutes.  My wife sheepishly grins when she declares she had to quilt so often that that’s how she perfected her skills!

Fast forward to her turn to teach her granddaughter, Hannah.  I was downstairs listening to all of the giggles and “oohs and ahhs” of picking out a pattern for her first project and then on to picking the colors and matching up thread.  I thought to myself “wow, they’ve been at it for a long time but they seem to be enjoying themselves”.

Now that I understand more about quilting, I consider myself pretty lucky to be included in this particular family tradition and my heart-felt admiration goes out to all those wonderful quilters that continue to pass on the tradition.

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