The Story Behind Hannah’s Quilt

As mentioned in an earlier post, every quilt has a story.  This is the story behind the purple nine-patch quilt for our granddaughter, Hannah.

We were both thrilled when we became grandparents for the first time.  Our little Hannah (whose nickname started out Hannah-Bee and then transformed into Honey-Bee) was just such a precious little girl!

Our son-in-law is active duty military and he and our daughter had been moving all over the country.  Time was flying by so quickly, in the blink of an eye Honey-Bee was growing up so fast!  My wife, Elaine, wanted to carry on the family tradition of making a quilt for our granddaughter before time got away from us.  Honey-Bee said she wanted a purple quilt, so purple it is!

Elaine decided on an old and familiar pattern that was one of her grandmother’s favorites, the nine patch block.  She worked on that quilt almost non-stop.  Once she got started, it was difficult to tell when she might stop.  Now that I’ve been quilting, I understand the obsession and can appreciate the investment of time it takes to get a quilt finished.

Elaine was relieved she was able to finish it and get it to Honey-Bee and enjoy a nice visit with the children and grand.  During our wonderful visit, our daughter had an announcement to make…yep, they were expecting another baby on the way!  Alright, it was time to design another quilt.

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