The Story Behind the Quilt for Beau

This is the story behind the blue and yellow quilt for our grandson, Beau.

Of course we were thrilled to find out our second grandchild was on the way (even if it was such a short time after the first one).  We thought there’d be plenty of time to make our new addition to the family their very own quilt so we weren’t in a big hurry.  As per usual, time just flew by.   Pretty soon, almost two years had passed, so we decided we better get busy getting his quilt underway.

The pattern is “Under the Stars” and was a free pattern found in the early 1990’s on Quilter’s Cache website.  The pattern had been printed out and ended up getting filed away in our folder of “quilts we like and hope to do some day” for a long time.  This was a great place to start looking when picking out a pattern for the quilt.

We’ve since gone back to the site to see if we could find it and haven’t had any luck.  The good news is, there are still so many free block patterns to browse that the biggest problem will be spending all of your time looking at the beautiful patterns!  Here’s the link to Quilter’s Cache in case you want to enjoy looking around

And on a final note, our daughter sure has a sense of humor and a great sense of timing.  As the quilt piecing got underway, she called to tell us they just found out baby #3 was on the way! 

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