Tom Wilson


My name is Tom Wilson.  My wife and I have four children and four grand-children (so far).  Our grandchildren call me Papa-Tom so now everyone does!

After working for almost 30 years at Verizon, I opted to retire so that I could take care of my wife when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Although she successfully beat breast cancer twice, the side effects of the treatments she underwent left her unable to all of the things she used to do.  One of those things was quilting that she loved very much. I thought, why don’t I learn to quilt myself so that I can help her with projects when she’s not up to it?

My learning how to quilt has given us an opportunity to enjoy spending time together and I can definitely see why she loves to quilt!  I had no idea how much math was required and how much fun it would be to sew (since I’ve never touched a sewing machine before).

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy browsing.

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